AZ GOP Sheriff Candidate: I Will ‘Line Up Jail Buses’ to Arrest Rioters


Jerry Sheridan, the Republican candidate for Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff, says he will “line up jail buses” to take protesters-turned-rioters to prison.

Sheridan told Breitbart News, “I will enforce people’s constitutional rights to peaceably protest. However, as soon as someone throws a rock or a bottle that is not longer a peaceful protest. I will declare it an unlawful assembly and immediately disperse the crowd before it becomes a riot.”

He said, “I will have jail buses, that we transport inmates in, lined up in row to arrest the people that do not disperse [if the protest becomes riotous].”

“I’m not fooling around with this. These rioters, they don’t just attack Republican businesses. They don’t just attack and destroy and burn and loot businesses in wealthy communities. They attack, especially small business owners that probably have their life savings, their life work in these places, [the rioters] don’t discriminate,” Sheridan added. – READ MORE

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