Avenatti in Full Desperation Mode: Begs for More Money After Raising Half a Million for Stormy


A half-million dollars is  a lot of money to most Donald Trump supporters.

But for the lawyer who’s making a household name for himself representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her tangles with the president, it’s apparently barely a start.

And Michael Avenatti isn’t shy about begging for more.

In a Twitter posting published Monday, Avenatti sounded as desperate as a guy shaking the couch for change for bus fare to get to work.

“This promises to be a very busy week but our effort does not run itself,” he wrote. “There are numerous expenses associated with cases like this and here, security costs alone are astronomical. We are short of our goal and need some help.”

The desperate tone, and the pleading end of “We are short of our goal and need some help,” makes it sound like the Stormy Daniels legal team is flat broke. But the CrowdJustice website Avenatti and Daniels are using to raise money showed about $567,000 had been raised as of Tuesday afternoon. (Out of a goal of $850,000.) – READ MORE

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