Avenatti celebrates GOP lawmaker’s loss: ‘Score one for America over Putin’


Attorney Michael Avenatti on Sunday celebrated the election defeat of pro-Russia GOP lawmaker Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (Calif.).

Rohrabacher, who has been dubbed by media as “Putin’s favorite congressman,” lost his reelection bid to Democrat Harley Rouda on Saturday after additional mail-in ballots were counted.

Ahead of Election Day, Avenatti shared a photo of Rohrabacher dining on In-N-Out Burger, and joked that he was “training for his new job.”

“With Russiabacker’s loss, score one for America over Putin. Dana – I’ll have a double double with fries pls,” Avenatti followed up with a tweet early on Sunday morning. “And take a selfie with your new hat and post pls.”-READ MORE

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