At least 13 people have been arrested for West Coast arson crimes. Here are the details.


As wildfires scorch the West Coast, debate is raging on the internet over what exactly is causing the fires — climate change or human acts of arson. And as Glenn Beck pointed out on Wednesday, it appears the left and Big Tech have already made their determination and have resolved to make that everyone else’s determination, too.

Over the past week, PolitiFact summarily shot down allegations of human-made fires and Facebook announced a sweeping policy to flag and remove posts on the platform suggesting as much.

But that flies in the face of the truth of the matter regarding the wildfires, which is that many of the fires burning through California, Oregon, and Washington state were in fact started by criminals. While reasonable people might argue about the extent to which climate change and/or poor forest management made the fires worse than they otherwise would have been, there can be no doubt that many of these fires would not have existed at all if they had not been intentionally started by humans.

A quick survey of national and local media reports show that there have been at least 13 named individuals arrested on arson crimes in recent weeks. – READ MORE

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