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As Venezuela Implodes, NBC Avoids Naming the Cause: Socialism


On Thursday, an Investor’s Business Daily editorial cited a long list of news outlets which have recently covered the calamitous events in Venezuela, but which, in IBD’s words, “continue to obfuscate, if not totally ignore” the fact that the country’s implosion can be laid at the feet of one simple cause: “Socialism.”

One particularly appalling example exemplifying the paper’s complaint came Saturday morning from NBC News.

Before criticizing NBC, I must note that the Associated Press, whose acknowledgment of what Hugo Chavez’s and then Nicolas Maduro’s “Bolivarian socialist” regime was doing to the country was grudging at best for many years, has been consistently tagging that regime as “socialist” for at least the past several months — to the point where using the label appears to be a required checkbox item. On the one hand, it’s about time. On the other hand, I never expected to see it.

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