As Criminal Scandals Implicating McCain Unfold, ‘Declining’ Health Has Become an Off-Broadway Production


It’s uncanny how Sen. John McCain’s health declines every time the walls are closing in on the scandals he is implicated in.

It’s almost like a script of a play or a canceled TV pilot.

Today, as McCain’s name has surfaced in more anti-Trump scandals, he showed up to the Senate in a wheelchair.

Perhaps he actually needs the chair. But ask any true conservative about it and they will surely snicker.

Is McCain a faker?

Who would allege he is faking brain cancer? No one is saying that.

But McCain’s emergency surgery on his eye was more than convenient, followed by his brain cancer diagnosis.

McCain was scheduled to answer Congressional inquiries about his role in the tainted Trump dossier and other assorted leaks coming from his office related to Trump before he was whisked from the Hill for emergency medical reasons.

He never did testify. Instead he keep trashing President Trump. And still does.

Two weeks ago McCain appeared in a walking boot and cane when the Trump dossier scandal heated up again.

Now as the topic of McCain’s role in Trump media leaks, the Trump dossier, Uranium One, McCain’s dealings with Comey, and other questionable ties of McCain’s private foundation are all growing, McCain is in a wheel chair.

What’s next, a hammock?

We’ve seen this play out before by Hillary pulling the medical card to get out of tight spots. She ran a Broadway production, however. McCain still has a lot to learn from her. His is perhaps off-Broadway or even worse: high school drama production.

D.C. can be a cynical place like that and so are Americans who have a hunch McCain is not playing it straight when it comes to medical issues.


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