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As CNN ‘s PR Nightmare Peaks, The Network Brings On Seinfeld’s ‘Newman’ (VIDEO)


Helloooo Newman.

As CNN was being dragged through the mud Thursday for a pretty disastrous story by K-FILE‘s Andrew Kaczynski, the network resurrected the villainous mailman from Seinfeld.  The actor who played “Newman” — Jerry‘s foil — appeared on Brooke Baldwin‘s afternoon program.

“Seinfeld’s nemesis recalls the 90s,” the chyron blared.

Baldwin gushed, “Oh, I miss this show so much!”

She asked, “Why did Newman hate Jerry so much?”

“Well, why not?” replied Wayne Knight, the actor who played “Newman.”

He said the “wrinkle” with Jerry just grew and grew. He said there was really no real reason why.

He says strangers constantly say “Hellooo Newman” to him on the street.

But Knight says it’s ok, he’s “in on the joke.”

“Thank you for making us laugh all these years later,” Baldwin told him with a sigh.


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