Armed citizens in Dallas protect businesses during riots: ‘We want people to protest, leave private businesses out of it’ (VIDEO)


Violent riots erupted in U.S. cities again on Saturday night, including in Dallas, Texas. What started as peaceful protests for George Floyd in downtown Dallas on Saturday afternoon splintered into fiery riots with looting, attacks on police officers, and buildings being set on fire and vandalized. Dallas police said they made 74 arrests as of Sunday morning after a night of rioting.

A group of armed men had enough of the chaos and destruction of private businesses, so they took it upon themselves to make sure Dallas businesses were safe. The armed Texans took to the streets of Dallas to try to protect stores, but also supported the George Floyd supporters who were protesting peacefully.

“We’re here using our Second Amendment right to enforce and let everybody use their First Amendment right as long as they’re peaceful,” one of the armed civilians told Elijah Schaffer of TheBlaze, who is the host of the “Slightly Offens*ve” podcast.

“We want people to protest, we’re against the militarization of the police as well,” the man continued. “If you have a problem with the police, take it up with the police, leave private businesses out of it.” – READ MORE

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