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AP, PolitiFact ‘Fact Check’ Obviously Satirical ‘Fake News’ Item on Gay, Muslim Obama — From 2015


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Here’s an update from the “fake news” front: The Associated Press published an unbylined “Fact Check” of what anyone with an ounce of sense could see is a satirical article published almost 15 months ago.

That’s only the start. PolitiFact also “fact-checked” a December 23, 2016 version it knew was of that same 15 month-old item and gave it a “Pants on Fire” rating. What in the name of Mark Zuckerberg is going on?

The original satirical article (really satire, similar to the Onion but only a bit less obvious) alleged that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, but more pointedly claimed that he is gay to a very promiscuous degree, according to a mythical Secret Service agent named “Paul Horner” who authored a non-existent book called “The Black House” (a twofer — the opposite of “White House” with racial overtones). It originally appeared on October 2, 2015 at a website whose primary URL,, is obviously meant to attract initial clicks from the uninformed. – READ MORE

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