Antifa Members Caught on Video Trashing Marine Corps Office During a ‘Sweep Out The Fascists’ Event (VIDEO)


During clashes between right-wing and left-wing protesters, members of Berkeley’s Anti-Fascists (Antifa) groups broke the storefront windows of a Marine Corps recruitment office.

Beyond the violence, there was also property damage to many of the buildings near the site of the protests. Protesters seemed to targeted city property, destroying 21 city vehicles by smashing windows, slashing tires, and setting at least one vehicle on fire.

The Marine Corps recruitment facility received the brunt of the damage when members of the Antifa’s Black Bloc took baseball bats and rocks to the widows.

In a demonstration of their fascist tendencies, the Antifa members were hostile toward any non-members in the area. – READ MORE


Police in Portland, Oregon, resorted to force on Saturday to keep members of Patriot Prayer and assorted antifa protesters apart in the latest clash between the two groups in the city.

“A giant crowd of people from several opposing political groups, including right-wing Patriot Prayer and antifa, faced off once again in a protest that started at Tom McCall Waterfront Park,” KOIN-TV reported.

“The two groups came face to face on either side of Southwest Naito Parkway, where hundreds of police officers from Portland and Oregon State Police tried to keep them separated.

“When protesters refused police orders to get out of the street, officers used non-lethal crowd control devices including rubber bullets, pepper spray and flash bangs to disperse people.”

Law enforcement said that the dust-up on Saturday represented a “civil disturbance,” a step down from a June 30 clash between the same two groups, which police branded a “riot.” In that instance, both groups broke out in fighting. This time, authorities were able to keep them apart.

A longer video of Saturday’s events can be viewed below. (Warning: Some images of bloody wounds could be graphic for some.)

Antifa protesters chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Proud Boys off our streets! Fascists retreat! No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA! Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Nazi boys have got to go!” –  READ MORE

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