Antifa Launches Vile Attack on ‘Sh**stain’ David Hogg


An Antifa blog called for activists to give Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduate David Hogg a wedgie on Tuesday after the anti-gun activist appeared in photos with right-wing organization members.

Cutting Class, which describes itself as “a platform for the kids of Generation F***ed,” called for activists to give “self-important little s**tstain” Hogg a wedgie after seeing him speaking with members of comedian Gavin McInnes’s Proud Boys fraternal group.

Hogg attended a stop on the “Road To Change” tour hosted by March For Our Lives, which allegedly posted and deleted photos in which the anti-gun activist posed with Proud Boys.

“March For Our Lives doubled down on defending their ‘dialogue’ like the useless f***ing liberals they are — as if the past few years hasn’t definitively put dialogue with fascists in the dustbin of ideology,” Cutting Class said. – READ MORE

After the Parkland shooting, David Hogg became a political figure mostly because he was for gun control and it was unseemly to harshly criticize someone who survived a mass shooting, no matter how uninformed their opinions might be.

In a tweet from earlier this week, Hogg wondered “why is it culturally acceptable for any elected official to take money from special interests? In America, we call it campaign donations the rest of the world calls it what it is, a bribe.”

Please enroll in that class posthaste. This is getting excruciatingly painful to watch. – READ MORE

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