Antifa battling police, attacking MAGA hats in D.C., and it’s all being caught on camera


It’s not just Portland, anymore. (It never was, but you get the point.) Antifa, the group that purports to oppose “fascism” but mainly just gets mad about various woke issues of the day, has been bigger in the news since attacking independent journalist Andy Ngo on camera last week.

Despite the gross attempts by a lot of lefties to turn the negative reaction back on Ngo, it turned out even the media couldn’t avoid reporting on Antifa’s violence. Even the police chief had to answer up, (though not very well).

In D.C. on Saturday, the picture became even more clear, as Antifa staged a counter-protest to the so-called “Demand Free Speech Rally” with the “Proud Boys” that featured far-right figures such as Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and others. The Antifa counter-protest is billed as “#AllOutDC”, and they handed out preposterous “guidelines” for how the press would be allowed to cover them, and you have to click here and read it to believe it. – READ MORE

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