Anti-Trump Protesters Lash Out At NYPD For Doing Their Jobs


Anti-Trump protesters welcomed the president back to Trump tower in New York late Monday night by venting their frustration not only at Trump himself, but also to key administration officials, as well as the New York Police Department who were assigned to protect the president.

Protesters waved signs that read “Ban [Steve] Bannon” and “Protect [Robert] Mueller Fire [Stephen] Miller.” Additionally, protesters,  lined 5th Avenue from 57th street down to the end of 54th street on both sides, chanted, “No KKK, no fascist USA, no Trump!” among other things.

However, many protestors were not pleased with the existing metal barriers on sidewalks and lack of engagement against law enforcement.

“This is sad. This is a bunch of liberals holding signs and nothing is ever gonna change, because all they’re gonna do is hold signs. You’re not gonna change America by holding a sign,” said Manhattan resident “Shangree.”

“The police are the first line of fascism in the United States of America, so if you’re really about refusing fascism and getting fascists out of this country, you gotta get rid of them(the police) first, because who are they protecting? They protected the Alt-Right people in Charlottesville,” Shangree said. “They protected the Alt-Right when the Alt-right was in New York City. They protect the Alt-right where ever they go. They protected the Alt-Right when I was in L.A..”

A couple of protesters became upset with an officer earlier in the evening when he made a joke about “selling his soul for his badge” after he asked the group to move along.

“You sold your soul for a badge!” one repeated after him incredulously.

The protest lasted for nearly six and a half hours and about an hour after Trump arrived at the Tower, the crowd began to disperse, around 10:45 p.m.

The president is expected to give a statement on his infrastructure plan Tuesday afternoon at Trump Tower.

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