Anti-Cop Climate leads to boost in applications


The increasingly anti-cop climate throughout the nation has raised concerns that police recruitment could suffer, but so far — at least in certain cities — it actually may be bringing in more applications, law enforcement authorities told

In Dallas, where Police Chief David Brown, in the wake of the July 7 assassination of five police officers, called for protesters to apply to his department to “be part of the solution,” applications have skyrocketed. Departments in Denver, Las Vegas and other major metropolitan areas have seen more modest increases in applications, and one former Los Angeles police officer hoped it is a sign Americans are answering an urgent call.

“It could turn out to be similar to what occurred after 911, where numbers increased,” retired LAPD Detective Supervisor Sal LaBarbera told

Orange County, Calif., Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Mark Stichter said the department is seeing a spike in applications. – READ MORE

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