Anti-Conservative Bias Still Hot Trend with Social Media Moguls


Nor is Reddit the first social media site to find itself facing a storm of criticism after being caught censoring conservative viewpoints.

In May it was revealed that Facebook’s “trending topics” were the result not of an algorithm, but the choices of a group of human curators — one of whom admitting to routinely suppressing stories of interest to conservatives. Facebook apologized, fired its news curation team, and implemented a computer algorithm to establish which stories are “trending.”

Twitter also has a history of suppressing conservative voices. In July, the social media site banned Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos after a number of his followers began tweeting insults to comedian Leslie Jones.

Unlike Reddit or Facebook, however, Twitter has made no effort to pretend to apologize for its treatment of conservatives. Indeed, a week after Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, Twitter purged many of its most popular “Alt-Right” accounts in what appeared to be retribution for Trump’s win. – READ MORE

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