Anthony Scaramucci: Trump Will Drop Out by March 2020


Anthony Scaramucci, who was fired after a mere 11 days on the job as White House communications director for President Donald Trump in July 2017, is once again lashing out at his former boss.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the media-hungry hedge fund manager nicknamed “The Mooch,” claims President Trump is all bark with no bite. He predicts the president, who enjoys an 88 percent approval rating among Republicans, will be forced to bow out of the presidential election by March 2020. Asked by interviewer William Cohan why he’s turned on President Trump in such a public fashion, Scaramucci replies: “I want to show my fellow Republicans those are paper bullets coming out of that gun. They are not as piercing as you think, because if you change your attitude and you reflect back, you don’t absorb that and you reflect it back, you’ll demolish this guy.”

“He’s a paper tiger,” the former White House official adds. “He can be completely dismantled and defeated. And unfortunately, this isn’t about a personal thing.”

When it comes to facing off against his yet-to-be-determined Democrat rival, “The Mooch” thinks President Trump’s polling numbers will show his chances of winning are so slim that he will bow out of the race by the spring before being defeated in November 2020.

“He’s gonna drop out of the race because it’s gonna become very clear,” Scaramucci claims. “Okay, it’ll be March of 2020. He’ll likely drop out by March of 2020. It’s gonna become very clear that it’s impossible for him to win.” – READ MORE

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