Another Michigan Hairdresser Breaks Lockdown As Barber Bashes ‘Police State’ That Shut Him Down


A hairdresser in Cadillac, Michigan, broke Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) lockdown order on Tuesday as state health officials moved to shut down a barber operating across the state.

Tina Godfrey, owner of Abbie’s First Cut, opened her doors for the first time in nearly two months after the extent of Whitmer’s lockdown order put Godfrey at risk of losing her business. The hairdresser abided by the lockdown order as long as she could, working part-time at a local supermarket to pay bills, according to Up North Live.

“If I stay closed my little business is going to be gone, and everything I’ve worked for over the last 30 years is gone,” Godfrey said on Thursday. “As of today, I get to go pay my landlord rent, I didn’t have rent money for him.”

Cadillac residents have lined up for haircuts and to express their support for Godfrey and frustration at the governor for extending the state lockdown order until at least May 28.

Wexford County prosecutor Jason Elmore, who oversees Cadillac, warned business owners that violating the shutdown order risked them becoming targets of state Attorney General Dana Nessel. He advised any business owner following Godfrey’s lead to hire an attorney first. – READ MORE

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