Another American Company Bows to Communist China


American companies are being tested. They are being forced to choose between American freedoms and free enterprise and China’s repressive dictatorship.

This choice has been forced on them by globalism, which they wanted, in order to open up China’s massive market so they could make more money. In real-time we’re seeing the question asked and answered: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?”

Kodak is just the latest to face this choice, and like most if not all American companies that have faced it to date, Kodak made what history will record was the wrong choice. If freedom wins out over authoritarianism, anyway.

Kodak bowed to the dictates of the Chinese Communist Party and removed a post from their Instagram page. The photo, by Patrick Wack, showed the Xinjiang region of China, which is the primary home of the Uyghur population, who reportedly suffer untold atrocities under CCP tyranny.

Wack is a frequent photographer of Xinjiang and China, who posts photos of the region, the people and landscape of China, as well as other images. He’s described Xinjiang as an “Orwellian dystopia,” according to the Hong Kong Free Press.

In removing the image on Monday, Kodak said “Kodak’s Instagram page is intended to enable creativity by providing a platform for promoting the medium of film. It is not intended to be a platform for political commentary.”

Kodak helpfully added that it will “keep itself in check.” No need to police us, Kodak tells China’s dictatorship, we will police ourselves.READ MORE

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