After Announcing His Campaign for Senate, Mitt Romney Calls for Gun Control


The Salt Lake Tribune reported that while making his first speech as a Senate candidate, Romney said he’d support legislation to ramp up the federal database for firearms background checks.

“I think we can’t just sit and wait and hope for things to get better,” he said. “It is wrong and unacceptable for children in our schools to fear for their lives.”

During a subsequent interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, Romney elaborated on his plans to keep kids safe in school.

He explained that now that the issue is “very much in front of the national mind” it’s the perfect time to discuss it. Romney said, “we need to give this real consideration,” but added that federal legislation may not be the answer.

“I’ve looked at federal legislation but there’s no federal legislation I’ve seen that would have prevented the attacks that have occurred,” he said. “I don’t support any of the federal legislation that’s been out there.” – READ MORE

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