Ann Coulter: Media, GOP, Democrat Reaction to Trump-Putin Summit ‘Exactly Like Muslim Ban’ Hysteria (VIDEO)


New York Times Best-selling Author And Populist Conservative Columnist Ann Coulter Says The Establishment Media, Republican Party, And Democrat Reaction To President Donald Trump’s Historic Summit With Russian President Vladimir Putin Is “exactly Like” The Hysteria That Followed The President’s Call For A Travel Ban From A Handful Of Muslim-majority Countries.

In an interview with talk radio host Howie Carr, Coulter said the establishment media and both political parties are reaching a level of outrage that has not been seen since Trump’s announcement in 2015 that he would implement an immigration ban from a handful of countries with Islamic terrorism issues.

This is exactly like the proposed Muslim ban day with just hysteria so far outpacing rationality. And Republicans joining in, I might add … Paul Ryan, John McCain… [Emphasis added]

I would urge elected Republicans, if you have absolutely no sense of history or geopolitics which apparently very few of them do, just keep your mouth shut. The last time you went crazy over Trump and joined in this mob mentality was in fact over the Muslim ban.

It is exactly like the Muslim ban day, there has not been another day like this. Fox News, all these Republicans, Jake Tapper, all of them, and I’m citing them to cite people whom you can usually count on for some reasonableness. Oh no, no, no, this was the blackest treason. It’s like they’ve never heard of Saudi Arabia. [Emphasis added]READ MORE


New York Times Best-selling Author And Populist Conservative Columnist Ann Coulter Says It Is Typical Of The Establishment Media And Political Left To Use The Issue Of Child Border Crossers Arriving At The U.s.-mexico Border To Push Their Open Borders Agenda.

In an interview with talk radio host Howie Carr, Coulter said, “of course” media pundits, the open borders lobby, and Democrats are using President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy at the border as a way to gain support for their preferred mass immigration and cheap labor economic model.

Who cares if this started under Trump or Obama. What the Left’s argument is: “Trump is a liar, therefore we get to wreck your country.” No, no these are fake phony frauds. This is a political movement to bring people in. Of course they’re using children. Of course they’re having children weeping and crying. What are we going to do, take in all of Latin America? And by the way, these are the people who say that America itself, “Oh, we’re a hateful country, we’re misogynist and the rape culture, and we’re so racist, racist, racist.” They’re always telling us how racist Americans are. Why would you want to bring people into a country that’s such a horrible place? [Emphasis added]READ MORE

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