America’s Leading Scientists DeGrasse Tyson And Pinker Have A Solution To School Shootings: Stop Believing In God


In the aftermath of one of the worst school shootings in American history in Parkland, Florida, America’s pre-eminent scientists have come up with a solution: stop believing in God and stop praying. This is the conclusion of the Most Brilliant Astrophysicist Ever To Walk The Earth™, Neil Degrasse Tyson; it is also the conclusion of Harvard psychologist Stephen Pinker.

Pinker, the author of the new bestseller Enlightenment Now — a solid read, but rather light on the roots of the Enlightenment itself, which spring from both Greek thought and Judeo-Christian religion — says that the school shooting proves the absence of a benevolent God. Pinker statedthat such events “cast doubt on the idea that there is a benevolent shepherd who looks out for human welfare. What was the benevolent shepherd doing while the teenager was massacring his classmates?… If you’re counting on God to make the world a better place you are probably going to make the world a worse place because he is not listening and we saw that yesterday.” – READ MORE

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