Americans’ Vaccination Cards May Be Only Record Of COVID Immunity – So Keep Them Safe


If you have a tendency to misplace your smartphone or wallet, beware: losing your COVID vaccine card could create serious headaches for people, since the physical cards are in many case the only record that an individual was vaccinated – meaning it might soon double as a de facto passport for anybody who wants to leave their home.

As Forbes pointed out in a piece published over the weekend, some destinations, cruise lines and major sports venues are already requiring travelers to provide proof that they have been fully vaccinated against the virus. And if you’re among the ~48MM Americans who have been “fully vaccinated” (ie received either two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna jabs, or 1 dose of the JNJ jab, with at least two weeks passing since the final dose).

Anybody who loses their card is asked to return to the site where they were vaccinated, and ask for another one.

“If you do not receive a Covid-19 vaccination card at your appointment, contact the vaccination provider site where you got vaccinated or your state health department to find out how you can get a card,” according to the CDC website.

Of course, that’s easy enough if you were vaccinated at a pharmacy chain but more difficult if you had to travel cross-state or inter-state to be vaccinated at a drive-through or pop-up event.- READ MORE

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