Americans Are Homeless While Illegal Immigrants Get Hotel Rooms


On the streets of many American cities are significant numbers of homeless people. Many have drug and mental health issues. Some are US military veterans. There are entire families on the streets, living on park benches. As someone who ran homeless shelters for several years, I’ve seen this myself. One thing they all had in common, they were American citizens.

They eat when they can and sleep wherever they feel safe. They are preyed on by other homeless people, by gangs, and by street criminals. Many got to their unfortunate state by bad decisions. Some are victims of the vagaries of the economy. Few want to live on the streets of America.

However, if they weren’t Americans they’d be much better taken care of by the Biden administration. In fact, tens of millions would be spent to get them out of the elements and in hotel rooms. But, as they are Americans, no such luck.

If you’re interested in the priorities of the Biden administration, this betrayal of Americans in favor of illegal immigrants makes a very good case in point. – READ MORE

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