American TV Producers May Face Global Backlash from ‘Patriotic’ Shows


Scott Roxborough of The Hollywood Reporter writes that American television series are facing international backlash due to their “military themes for Trump voters,” calling it a trend for the Fall lineup and labeling it “Patriotic TV.”

Apparently, they feel shows like CBS’s SEAL Team,NBC’s The Brave and The CW’s Valor are a blatant attempt to appeal to Trump supporters. Now that would be a shock.

Roxborough believes “the shift in focus is threatening one of the most lucrative aspects of the American TV business: international sales. And the risky move comes at a time when U.S. programming is facing more challenges from home-grown product around the world.”

Citing interviews back in May, he found reluctant European executives. “These shows are all really well made and the production values are great, but some of it is pretty jingoistic: lots of breast-beating and flag-flying,” says Stephen Mowbray, head of acquisitions for Swedish public broadcaster SVT. “Really patriotic, nationalistic shows are really hard for us to place,” agrees Silke Regier, an acquisitions executive with the German network RTL. – READ MORE

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