AMERICAN THINKER DROPS HAMMER: McCabe & Mueller Waging Criminal Conspiracy of Century; Makes Watergate Look Like Third-rate Burglary


Robert Mueller, like Andrew McCabe and the rest of the anti-Trump criminal conspirators, consider themselves above the law and on a divine mission to unseat Trump.  Mueller’s conflicts of interest, starting with his relationship with James Comey, are well documented. His role, along with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in covering up the FBI’s early investigation into Russia’s nuclear bribery in the Uranium One case are also a matter of public record.

McCabe and Mr. Mueller are the leaders in the criminal conspiracy of the century, a silent coup against a sitting president that does indeed make Watergate look like a third-rate burglary.

An unindicted coconspirator in the pro-Hillary and anti-Trump conspiracy is Special Counsel Robert Mueller, leading a team of Clinton lawyers and donors, running an investigation which began with no crime and has found no proof of any collusion between Team Trump and Russia. So desperate has he become that he has cast any remaining ethics aside and should be removed.

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