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America Is Drowning In Terrorist Cells


This past weekend was a ‘weekend of terror.’ In the Minnesota mall stabbings, victims were asked if they were Muslim before being stabbed, two bombs in New York (one which detonated injuring nearly thirty people), and multiple explosive devices found on a New Jersey train station.

NBC reported that authorities fear there may be an active terrorist cell in the New York City or New Jersey. Ahmad Khan Rhami (28 years old) was captured after a shoot-out with police for the events in New York and New Jersey.

We’ve since learned he was a deadbeat dad who took multiple, lengthy trips to Afghanistan, didn’t pay his child support and was frequently outspoken about how he hated America.

I’ve written extensively about how our immigration policies are ultimately destroying our country. When we bring refugees or immigrants from extremely archaic countries like Afghanistan and inject them into our modern fast-paced society we are creating a toxic event that is bound to erupt in damage and death. – READ MORE

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