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Amazon Reaches New Low Peddling Rectal Pen Holder of President Donald Trump


We don’t want to hear any crying and whining when President Donald Trump does something similar depicted in this low-brow gag gift to the Washington Post or Amazon, both owned by Jeff Bezos.

We are all up for gags and practical jokes — I mean we put up with Barack Obama for eight years when he never before even held a regular job — but this item, the Dump a Trump Pen Holder, seems in very bad taste.

We checked. There is no similar item for Hillary Clinton. Not that Bezos would allow it to be sold anyway. I mean, these billionaires who build space ships draw the line at certain things, like poking fun at their political patron saints, or career criminals. It’s a thin line for the Democrats.

What, no Lewinsky cigar holder to honor Bill Clinton?

Too soon?


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