Amazon Deals Harsh Blow to Christian Non-Profit that Defends Religious Freedom


To the retail giant Amazon, “defending freedom” are dirty words.

That’s the takeaway from the behemoth’s decision to ban the conservative legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom from its fundraising options on the word of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist activist group that uses its mainstream media popularity to remorselessly attack conservative organizations.

At issue is Amazon’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center for determining which groups are eligible to participate in a fundraising set-up known as AmazonSmile, which allows its customers to donate “.05 percent of the purchase price of eligible products” to an approved charitable organization.

Within the past several weeks, Alliance Defending Freedom learned that it was no longer one of the approved organizations eligible for donations, according to a news release on the ADF’s website, because the Southern Poverty Law Center was in charge of making the decision.

As the Daily Wire reported, potential donors who tried to use AmazonSmile to give money to ADF received the following message:

“The AmazonSmile Participation Agreement states that certain categories of organizations are not eligible to participate in AmazonSmile. We rely on the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine which charities are in certain ineligible categories. You have been excluded from the AmazonSmile program because the Southern Poverty Law Center lists Alliance Defending Freedom in an ineligible category.” – READ MORE

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