After Trump Tweet, Bitter Pollster Nate Silver Posts Nuclear Survival Electoral College Map

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Nate Silver has been the establishment press’s designated polling hero since 2008, when he correctly predicted the outcome of that year’s presidential contest in 49 of 50 states. He also had a great year in 2012, predicting all 50 states’ presidential preference results.

This year’s election? Not so much. Donald Trump won, and Silver is not handling it well. In fact, he’s violated one of the cardinal rules of far-left media members, which is to never directly betray your fever-swamp biases and the breathtaking ignorance which can be inferred from them until you either retire or migrate to public broadcasting.

Silver’s predictive failure this year has to be especially galling. Before November 8, he was one of the few leftist pollsters who, in estimating a 71 percent probability that Hillary Clinton would win, hadn’t gone completely bonkers with the 85-99 percent-plus probabilities seen almost everywhere else. Before Election Day, other leftist pollsters, confident that a Clinton win was close to a lock, sharply criticized Silver as a virtual traitor. – READ MORE

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