After Move To Ban Firearms, Gun Owner Avalanche Buries Oregon Secretary of State’s Office


The increasingly desperate anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment crowd has grown bolder in openly declaring their intentions to ban the vast majority of firearms in the hands of private citizens and criminalize those who fail to comply with their gun-grabbing dictates.

The Oregon Firearms Federation warned in April about an anti-gun ballot initiative petition that gun-grabber advocacy groups circulating in the hopes of obtaining enough signatures to place their proposal in front of voters.

For ballot initiatives to be approved for consideration by the Secretary of State Office, proposals must be placed online for a period of time to receive comments and complaints, and the pro-gun group urged gun owners in Oregon to make their voices heard … and boy, did they ever.

If passed, Initiative 43 would ban all semi-automatic rifles defined as so-called “assault weapons,” as well any semi-automatic handgun or shotgun capable of holding more than 10 rounds and any “high capacity” magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

The initiative would further mandate that any gun owners in possession of such firearms and magazines be forced to register it with the state, render it inoperable, sell it to a licensed dealer or surrender it to authorities. Those who fail to do so within 120 days of passage would instantly be guilty of a Class B felony.

As noted, gun owners were urged to make their opposition to the initiative known during the comment period, and the Oregon Firearms Federation reported on Wednesday it had indeed done so, quite literally swamping the Secretary of State’s Office with an absolute avalanche of comments and complaints about the gun ban and confiscation measure.

In fact, while the office reportedly receives an average of a dozen or so comments on the typical ballot initiative, this particular measure drew more than 1,000 comments and complaints totaling more than 1,573 pages, all of which can be read right here. READ MORE

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