After failing to prove collusion, Schiff follows Fusion GPS money-laundering trail


Rep. Adam Schiff in 2017 kicked off the House’s most publicized hearing into Russia election interference by leveling a number of felony charges against President Trump’s associates, citing news reports and a former British intelligence officer’s dossier on the Trump campaign.

Two years later, the California Democrat’s supposition of a deep TrumpRussia conspiracy has failed to materialize. No Trump person has been charged with collusion 30 months after the FBI launched its probe. And the dossier on which Mr. Schiff relied turned out to be unverified claims paid for by the Democratic Party.

The final Republican report of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence heard no witness who testified to collusion. Sen. Richard Burr, North Carolina Republican and chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told CBS News last week that his panel’s long bipartisan Russia probe also has the same conclusion to date.

Today, Mr. Schiff, who has assumed leadership of the House Intelligence Committee, has announced a new Trump investigation that he will direct, not former Chairman Devin Nunes, California Republican.

His scope is so wide open that staffers say they can’t remember a House or Senate intelligence committee ever embarking on such a mission.

Mr. Schiff plans to investigate Mr. Trump and his “family.” The use of the word family can be interpreted as his sons, daughters and first lady Melania Trump. He plans to look at Trump the businessman, the candidate and the president. He wants information on virtually all of the Trump Organization’s real estate deals and discussions with foreigners. Mr. Trump has been an international hotel builder for four decades, meaning he has had a number of contacts with foreigners.

The Schiff focus is on money laundering, according to his Feb. 6 war plan. This focus dovetails with testimony in 2017 from Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of the investigative firm Fusion GPS, which engineered the unverified dossier that claimed a huge conspiracy between the Kremlin and Trumpcampaign. Mr. Simpson testified to Mr. Schiff and the committee about his money-laundering suspicions but provided no evidence.

Mr. Schiff also wants to show that Mr. Trump is a foreign agent who puts money over country. – READ MORE

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