After Crushing Outdoor Club, College Bans Scuba Club from Organizing Scuba Trips


As writer Robby Soave reported this week for the conservative website Reason, the Nittany Divers Scuba Club, now 50 years old, would no longer be allowed to organize scuba diving trips for its members.

“Members of the club will still be able to discuss and celebrate scuba, according to an announcement on the Nittany Divers’ Facebook page,” Soave wrote. “But they can never act on their feelings in any official, formal capacity.”

That would be taking on too much adult responsibility, apparently. The club will be allowed to play act the part, though.

“We will just serve as a special interest organization for scuba divers and people interested in scuba diving,” the group’s leader, Alex Pulice, told Soave.

What’s interesting here is that the university’s proffered reasons for reining in the activities of the Nittany Divers, along with the university’s Outing Club and its Grotto Caving Club, have changed since the decision was first announced.

According to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article published April 18, the university originally justified its decision by saying the clubs’ activities take place too far away from emergency services, if they were to be needed.

However, in a new article on Wednesday, the Post-Gazette reported the university was now claiming “misuse of alcohol” as the real reason for the decision.- READ MORE

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