After 8 Years of Obama, GOP ‘Strongest It’s Been in 80 Years’


After analyzing the electoral strength of both political parties on the national and state level, Sean Trende and David Byler of RealClearPolitics conclude that after 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the Republican Party “is in the strongest position it has been in since 1928.”

From RealClearPolitics:

In 2014, we put together an index to measure the electoral strength of the parties. Rather than focusing on the presidency, we broke partisan control into five categories: presidential, Senate, House, governorships, and state legislatures. We have updated our index using the mostly complete data for the 2016 elections and can conclude that the GOP is in the strongest position it has been since 1928. In many sub-categories, it is near an all-time high. – READ MORE

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