Actor Bradley Whitford to Trump: Unlike Hillary Clinton, ‘You’re a Coward and Guilty as Hell’


Actor Bradley Whitford went on the attack against President Donald Trump and the GOP on Friday, this time defending Hillary Clinton’s scandal-plagued legacy and called the president a “coward” who is “guilty as hell.”

Whitford, who has spent decades playacting at politics since his stint on the liberal fantasy political TV show, The West Wing, insisted that Hillary Clinton has answered every question put to her by “GOP nutballs.” The Handmaids Tale actor then accused President Trump of being a coward for refusing to testify under oath in the Democrats’ impeachment scheme.

“Pumpkin. You know what @HillaryClinton did when @GOP nutballs accused her of stuff she didn’t do? She answered every question they had. Under oath. You’re problem is that you’re a coward. And guilty as hell,” Bradley Whitford said. – read more

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