Abrams Continues Media Tour, Unloads on ‘Insidious’ Kemp After Georgia Election Loss


While Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is continuing to unload on Republican Governor-elect Brian Kemp since losing the election last week, he’s not firing back, saying what she does with her time is her own business.

Abrams acknowledged defeat 10 days after the election on Friday, trailing by nearly 55,000 votes and more than 17,000 votes short of forcing a runoff. However, she did not give a normal concession speech, blasting her opponent as an architect of voter suppression and saying the “state failed its voters.”

Abrams has conducted multiple national interviews since Friday airing grievances about the race and Kemp in particular.

“We don’t know” how much Kemp’s actions contributed to the election results “because of how insidious this behavior has been,” Abrams said on NPR. “And that is why I was willing to acknowledge that the election is over. Because, given the current state of our laws, this is what is true. But my point is that it was not a fair fight.”

Abrams said he engaged in “gross mismanagement” of elections while in his former posting.- READ MORE

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