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    ABC Reporter Brian Ross Getting a Big Demotion Over Botched Trump Report


    ABC News has handed its chief investigative correspondent a heavy punishment for his botched reporting on the FBI investigation into alleged Russian collusion.

    On top of his month-long suspension without pay, the network confirmed that Brian Ross will be barred from any reporting that concerns President Donald Trump, according to CBS News.

    ABC News was widely criticized Friday for erroneous reporting regarding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s testimony to the FBI.

    Citing an anonymous source, Ross reported that Flynn was preparing to testify to special counsel Robert Mueller that then-candidate Donald Trump ordered him to make contact with Russian officials.

    A key detail of that report turned out to be incorrect.

    In actuality, President-elect Trump — not candidate Trump — ordered Flynn to contact Russia. The designation matters because it means Election Day had already passed when Trump gave the order. Since Trump had already been elected to the presidency, the president-elect’s direction to Flynn could not be considered collusion.

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