ABC News’ spiking of Epstein story draws scrutiny toward Clinton ally George Stephanopoulos

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The bombshell claim that ABC News “quashed” a story on allegations against Jeffrey Epstein has drawn new scrutiny on the controversy’s ties to its own star anchor, George Stephanopoulos.

Project Veritas, whose controversial founder, James O’Keefe, has described himself as a “guerrilla journalist,” published the footage that featured ABC News anchor Amy Robach claiming the Disney-owned network refused to air an interview she conducted with one of Epstein’s accusers and even suggesting she’d uncovered new information about Epstein’s ties to former President Bill Clinton as his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was running for president.

“I’ve had the story for three years… we would not put it on the air,” Robach said on the hot mic. “It was unbelievable what we had, Clinton, we had everything.”

Stephanopoulos, ABC News’ chief anchor on “Good Morning America” and the Sunday program “This Week” who’s overseen the network’s political coverage, has had deep ties to the Clintons. Before he became the face of ABC News, he made a name for himself as a senior adviser to President Clinton back in the ’90s. Ahead of the 2016 election, he pulled out of moderating debates after his $75,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation drew criticism.

However, what’s really raising eyebrows is a 2010 report of a party Stephanopoulos attended that Epstein had hosted.

Page Six reported that the convicted pedophile held an event in honor of Prince Andrew, who was one of the high-profile figures implicated in the scandal, in his New York City townhouse, and on the guestlist were several members of the media, including Stephanopoulos. – READ MORE

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