ABC News Forced to Correct ‘Bombshell’ About Trump’s Ukraine Call


ABC News was forced Thursday morning to correct and walk back the latest Trump-Ukraine bombshell that wasn’t.

In a world where America enjoyed the services of legitimate news organizations, the far-left ABC News would have already retracted this story, would have removed it completely, because… As you will see below, the story is now a non-story. The central premise of the story has been wiped out by the facts. But, as we all know, ABC News is not a legitimate news organization, so let me welcome you to…

Oh, yeah, ABC News thought We got Drumpf now fer realzies! with the bombsheLOL revelation that the White House had set a very definite “precondition” for President’s Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy: a precondition that Joe Biden must be discussed!

This bombshell was an “on the record” statement from no one less than one of Zelenskiy’s own advisers!

1) ABC’s source is not an adviser to the Ukrainian president. Oopsies.

2) The source did not tell ABC that discussing Biden was a precondition of the call. Oopsies.

In other words… The story is a fake, a fraud, doo doo, caca, dung, excrement, feces, garbage, fake news, a hoax, a con, a grift, a forgery, a scam, a sham, and did I properly welcome you to Russian Collusion 2: Even More Fake Newsier! – READ MORE

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