A new Facebook Messenger malware is going after your password and your money


A new malware strain inside Facebook Messenger wants your password, your money and your computer.

The malware, FacexWorm, is a modified version of malware that first appeared in August of 2017, according to cyber-security firm Trend Micro.

It typically starts by sending a link via Facebook Messenger. Clicking the link takes the victim to a fake YouTube page, which then tries to trick the user into installing a YouTube extension for the popular Chrome browser. From there it can steal passwords, try to steal cryptocurrency funds, or use a computer for cryptocurrency mining.

It will also send more fake YouTube links to contacts in order to spread the malware.

The malware is largely designed for conducting rogue cryptocurrency operations. It targets, for example, cryptocurrency exchanges, with the goal of hijacking transactions on popular cryptocurrency trading platforms and ultimately to steal money.

FacexWorm is also designed to do cryptocurrency mining  – the method used for releasing new bitcoins – by injecting malicious code into webpages opened by the victim. The result is the victim’s computer is used, without the user being aware, for mining, according to Trend Micro. – READ MORE

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