A Biden-Trump race is shaping up for 2020: Wall Street sources


Former Vice President Joe Biden is indicating to possible campaign contributors he is seriously considering running for president in 2020 – but only if it’s against the current president, Donald Trump, because of the relatively small age difference between the two men, FOX Business has learned.

Biden has made these remarks recently in private meetings with possible Democratic contributors, many of them Wall Street executives with long ties to the former vice president under Barack Obama, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.

These people say that Biden hasn’t fully made up his mind for a presidential run, and even if Trump does seek a re-election, he may ultimately decide he’s had enough of presidential politics since he has sought the nomination three times during his long career in public office. Even so, friends say running for the Oval Office continues to animate him and that he is indicating that there’s a good chance he would do so if Trump seeks a second term. If Trump decided not to run, or faced a possible younger primary challenger, such as 65-year-old Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Biden will have second thoughts about running, these people add.

A spokesman for Biden said “we are focused on the 2018” midterm elections where the Democrats hope to gain the majority in Congress, adding that the former vice president “hasn’t made a decision” on the 2020 presidential election. He didn’t deny the substance of what the former vice president is discussing with these people. – READ MORE

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