Anatomy of a Breaking News Story: True Pundit Kicks CBS TV, Breitbart in the Pants


This is a the anatomy of Big Media, CBS TV and, getting their asses whooped by True Pundit on the Florida Terrorist Omar Mateen being linked to this Florida Mosque story.

After 11:44 a.m. EST, True Pundit broke this story, pinpointing his cell phone to this mosque

Three hours later CBS TV News was at the Mosque that True Pundit reported hours earlier with an “EXCLUSIVE” story. Hahahahaha Yeah, OK.

#Developing @CBS12 #pulseshooting: at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce where confirmed #OmarMateen attended.

Seven hours later splashed the story all over their front page citing CBS TV as the source. It’s OK, we don’t even have a budget and kicked both of your media rear ends, so no need to mention us when you get Owned like that.


That’s how True Pundit Rolls. Get used to it.

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