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8 million Americans living abroad may tip a close election


GENEVA — Although Champaign, Ill., native Judith Maltby has lived in Great Britain for 30 years, she returns to the United States regularly and follows U.S. presidential races.

This year’s election is of particular concern to Maltby, a chaplain at England’s Oxford Universitywho hopes “the U.S. remains a serious partner with democratic Europe and continues to be outward looking.” She said she is backing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton because Republican “Donald Trump’s campaign is about isolationism of the most destructive kind.”

Maltby is one of approximately 8 million Americans living abroad, a group large enough to tip elections in close presidential and state contests.

They could not vote until 1975, when the Overseas Citizens Voting Rights Actbecame law. Since then, non-partisan organizations, including Vote From Abroad andOverseas Vote Foundation, have offered help, such as how to register from abroad. – READ MORE

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