63 Conservative Leaders Unite, Issue Statement on Social Media Censorship


Western Journal publisher Floyd Brown and Liftable Media CEO Patrick Brown are two of 63 conservative leaders who issued a joint statement Wednesday urging fairer and more transparent policies in order to prevent the suppression of conservative voices on various social media platforms.

“Social media censorship and online restriction of conservatives and their organizations have reached a crisis level,” the statement begins. “Conservative leaders now have banded together to call for equal treatment on tech and social media.”

The statement illustrates the problems conservatives have encountered with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and its video platform YouTube.

“Social media firms have banned gun videos and rejected pro-life advertisements,” the statement reads. “They have skewed search results and adjusted trending topics in ways that have harmed the right. Firms have restricted and deleted videos, even academic content. Conservative tech employees have found their speech limited and their careers harmed. And top tech companies have given preferential treatment to anointed legacy media outlets that also lean left. These same tech titans then work with groups openly hostile to conservatives to restrict speech.”

The statement lays out four areas it believes social media companies must address to begin to rectify their credibility problem. – READ MORE

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