30 American Commandos Obliterated 500 Russian Mercenaries in Syria; Here’s How It All Went Down


On February 7th, American and coalition forces in Syria watched a build-up of opposition fighters, including hundreds of Syrian government fighters and Russian mercenaries, that were arming for battle. When the attack came, it was brutal and decisive. A new report is shedding light on the ill-fated battle that ensued and the complete annihilation of the enemy’s troops.

“The artillery barrage was so intense that the American commandos dived into foxholes for protection, emerging covered in flying dirt and debris to fire back at a column of tanks advancing under the heavy shelling,” The NY Times writes. “It was the opening salvo in a nearly four-hour assault in February by around 500 pro-Syrian government forces — including Russian mercenaries — that threatened to inflame already-simmering tensions between Washington and Moscow.”

A team of about 30 Delta Force soldiers and Rangers from the Joint Special Operations Command were working alongside Kurdish and Arab forces at a small dusty outpost next to a Conoco gas plant, near the city of Deir al-Zour, The Times notes.

“The firefight was described by the Pentagon as an act of self-defense against a unit of pro-Syrian government forces.” The Times writes. “United States military officials said they had watched — with dread — hundreds of approaching rival troops, vehicles and artillery pieces in the week leading up to the attack.”

None of the Americans were killed. It was a stunning victory for the coalition forces.



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