2020 Democrat Says When Democrats Are Talking Impeachment They’re ‘Losing’


2020 presidential hopeful Andrew Yang (D) is urging his colleagues to stop talking about President Donald Trump as much, and instead, focus on policy issues.

Speaking to CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday night, Yang downplayed the chances that Trump would be removed from office, saying, “The odds are still very high that it will run aground in the Senate. And it is going to end up being a very polarizing issue for many Americans.”

Yang attempted to pivot away from Trump and the new impeachment resolution House Democrats released on Tuesday.

“I’m on the record saying the more we focus on Donald Trump, even if it’s in the context of impeaching Donald Trump, it’s a lost opportunity for us to present a new positive vision that Americans can get excited about. Because when we’re talking about Donald Trump, we’re losing even when it’s talking about impeaching him.” – READ MORE

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