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Women’s Studies Teacher Wants Trump Assassinated

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University instructor Kevin Allred says he wishes someone would assassinate President Donald Trump. The Montclair State University teacher tweeted his disdain for Trump on Friday night, The College Fix reports.

“Trump is a fucking joke. This is all a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright,” Allred declared from his personal Twitter account.

Allred was only warming up hours before when he tweeted out the picture of Kathy Griffin displaying the severed and gory head of Trump.

The adjunct instructor of gender, sexuality and women’ s studies is no stranger to bluster and the bizarrre on social media. He was still listed as faculty at Montclair as of July 29 but his personal information seems to have vanished from the university website after The College Fix sought clarification on Allred’s call for assassination.

Allred may have deleted the tweet after critical reaction started flowing in, but he refused to renounce the sentiment, suggesting that “saying you wish Donald rump was dead is different than making a direct threat against him.”

The instructor has always referred to Trump as “a traitor and a terrorist” and told his social media followers that the president makes him “ashamed to be a human being.” At other times, Allred has insisted there “are no good white people.”

When he was teaching at Rutgers, Allred offered his thoughts on Second Amendment rights, saying it would not enjoy the same level of support “when I buy a gun and start shooting at random white people…”

When this threat wasn’t received well by many, Allred said the statement implied “ZERO direct threat” and was merely a rhetorical declaration.

Rutgers University nonetheless ordered a mandatory psychiatric evaluation and assured those concerned that “we take those allegations very seriously and have an obligation to investigate.” His Twitter account was also suspended until the offending tweet was removed.

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  • Pineneedle

    BWHAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAA. Did you see what he / she looks like? If we can’t distinguish if this person is male or female they have no business teaching children especially when they are calling for the President of the United States Assassination. It is clear this “person” has mental health issues. Good thing they didn’t repeal Obamacare. Loony bin for Allred because I’m seeing All Red when I read they are allowing insane people to teach children.