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Wishful Thinking? Kate Bolduan Tells CNN Audience To Stand By For Speech From ‘President Obama’ (VIDEO)

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CNN’s Kate Bolduan suffered a slip of the tongue Thursday morning.

While closing the 11:00 am, EST hour, Bolduan told her audience to stand by for a speech from the White House.

“We are waiting for President Obama to come and speak to the media in a news conference,” She stated. “He will be holding a news conference very shortly, at least in part, to announce his new nominee for Labor Secretary.”


Good thing nobody noticed.


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  • L Garou

    He can’t help it, he was born (and raised and educated) that way..

  • jubadoobai

    This is not wishful thinking. This is part of the grand plan to overthrow Trump’s presidency. The only problem is the reporter spoke it before Obama is ready to make the speech. The DLSM all know what is coming. Some of them are so stupid they let the cat out of the bag..