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WikiLeaks publishes more secret CIA tools after the US threatens criminal charges

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WikiLeaks released another trove of information on the Central Intelligence Agency’s secrets Friday afternoon, after the Justice Department said it was considering criminal chargesagainst the organization and its founder, Julian Assange.

The latest release is a 31-page user guide for a CIA device called “Weeping Angel” that was posted online on Friday, CBS News reported. The tool was able to turn Samsung televisions into surveillance tools — by way of activating the television’s built-in microphone to record audio. – READ MORE

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  • Steve Carr

    Wikileaks may have finally opened up peoples eyes to what is really going on in our world. Everybody thinking our government is out for us and they us terrorism as there excuse to spy on us. It’s all garbage its all about control. The NSA, FBI and the CIA are all the same. Would you put anything past them, that they would do the hacking. Wake up people save our country now or its over. Also a safe search engine that doesn’t track you, a good old fashion private search engine Have a awesome day.

  • Brawndo_ItsWhatPlantsCRAVE

    Amen– it’s just a question of, “Is this too late?”. People are opening their eyes, but they do not yet see the FULL extent of how far this goes (or what it is, for that matter– a full, joint-foreign/domestic infection+infiltration of our gov+intel community at the highest levels and beyond).
    We have the DoJ terribly corrupted, DoD is even worse (if that’s possible)… while the State Dept is helping tie strings together and manipulate the foreign aspects (such as coordination of ratlines, finances, bringing foreign operatives/assets in/out of the country, etc). Then you have the various ultra rich financiers who deal w/ others heads of this hydra. We’ve been allowing those hack tools to be used by the ISI/MidEast agents/assets who we hire for dirty work… not to mention whoever else it leaked to (b/c of our CIA/NSA’s shady ways… leaving security @ low levels to avoid scrutiny (being so highly illegal). This whole thing is just so ridiculously rotten that it’ll make “hardened” researchers’ heads spin. For me, its over my head– thus, I can imagine how it is for someone who is new to all this. It’s a lot to realize– “Wow, Ive been lied to about a LOT of history/current events”.

    Although, there are easier topics to start w/ (and more preferable for an introduction to mind manipulation– and getting us to “police” each other): Its a great read… but also includes the copies of the memos. Seems CIA was quite active back then. Infiltrating MSM via Operation Mockingbird. Or creating false flags+essentially terror networks w/ everything from Northwoods+GladioA/B(false terror to manipulate, then B w/ establishing a presence in infrastructure… like we see w/ immigration right now, worldwide)+RedCell (another terror-based op– sending special teams of spec forces selections to “find vulnerabilities” in MAJOR gov/mil (our own).. the list goes on. (sorry, just some extra keywords if ppl want to search after reading this):
    This link is about the term Conspiracy Theorist, and how the CIA’s Clandestine Services created the term in ’67 to discredit targets who questioned the narrative being sold at the time (like “Russia’s hacking the world”).