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Wikileaks Blowout: Hillary Campaign Guru Admits- Hillary Hates “everyday Americans”

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For years Hillary Clinton’s critics have openly mused that she holds a deep disdain for common, working-class Americans.

Now, thanks to an email from campaign manager John Podesta released by Wikileaks, we have definitive proof from Clinton’s right hand man through the years as well as her 2016 campaign guru.

Podesta, in an April 19, 2015 email, spills the beans on the long-kept national secret:

I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion,” writes Podesta.

“I think if she doesn’t say it once, people will notice and say we false started in Iowa,” he continued.


Podesta sent the email to Jennifer Palmieri, director of communications for Hillary’s campaign. Palmieri responds to Podesta’s assertions with one word:



The complete email can be read here.


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  • Grunt with a PhD-MBA

    I did not need this e-mail release to realize this revelation.

  • Me

    If she wins it is game over folks.

  • Danny J

    And let me guess no main stream media is reporting this. Keep up the incredible work.

  • taxpayer22

    Wikileaks Blowout: Hillary Campaign Guru Admits- Hillary Hates “everyday Americans

  • Taipei101

    The key words proving what was meant in this email chain are… ‘has begun’

    If he was saying she (Clinton) hated the phrase ‘everyday americans’… he would never use ‘has begun’.

    Had he meant what the (Establishment Fact Checkers) claim in their damage control… he would have either said:

    1) Clear english: She hates the phrase ‘everyday Americans’…

    2) Extremely Unclear english: She hates everyday Americans… (omitting ‘the phrase’ and failing to put quotes around the phrase discussed.


    3) ‘she has begun to hate everyday Americans’

    There is simply no way to spin #3.

    It would be a stretch to make the argument #2 meant ‘the phrase’. Had this been what he wrote… the statement would be seen as so outrageous that someone in the chain would have mentioned it or made a joke.

    The fact that no one joked about how funny that phrase appeared or any mention whatsoever gives weight to the following truth.

    [[[Clinton’s campaign was aware she had begun to hate middle Americans… and was ‘far removed’ as earlier stated.]]]

  • Taipei101

    He led with ‘she has begun to hate everyday Americans’. The fact that there was nothing in the chain indicating any disagreement proves this was a known sentiment of Clinton.

    1) the phrase ‘everyday Americans’ is a common one and something all politicians use… so no long term career politician would ‘begin’ to hate this or any other common english phrase…. or give the phrase any thought.

    2) Clinton, her Chair, and others would not ‘begin to hate’ a phrase. Common simple non offensive phrases do not evoke the emotion of hatred.

    3) You do not ‘begin’ to hate a phrase you have used for 40 years… and certainly do not say she ‘had begun’ to feel this hatred of a phrase to the Comms Director. You would however state a hatred for the American people to make it clear they need to scrub any HRC statements that might reveal this hatred. That would be the job of the Comms Dir., not discussing how to reword a phrase that is then not discussed.

    4) Had you led off with any version of that statement without clearly indicating it was the ‘phrase’ that inspired contempt and hate… not the people… then that omissions to a Comms Director and her staff would have elicited at a minimum some reference to the wording and likely jokes.

    I can see the next ‘Fact Check’… will state when future leaks occur that state

    ‘She has a low regard for African Americans’…. This establishment fact checker will spin that to mean…

    ‘She has a low regard for the phrase ‘African Americans’. HA

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Nope. We have a super secret mulligan called the Second Amendment.

    If she wins it will be because of cheating.

    That doesn’t count.

  • kerrit Ingerson

    For years Hillary Clinton’s critics have openly mused that she holds a deep disdain for common, working-class Americans

  • kerrit Ingerson


  • Pingback: Excuse me, but I have a fairly good idea what the human race or for that matter life on Earth faces in the year 2016 and it seems to me that if are hopes are on either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming President it’s pretty much a 100% certainty()

  • Pingback: Excuse me, but I have a fairly good idea what the human race or for that matter life on Earth faces in the year 2016 and it seems to me that if are hopes are on either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming President it’s pretty much a 100% certainty()

  • Karen Neko

    The game is already lost. lol

  • abeyer56

    No, it’s not news worthy. Emasculating trump for speaking like every red blooded hetrosexual male is more important, obviously. At least this happened a really long time ago, not like 11 years or something like that. Oh wait, this was when she was pretending to be “Secretary of Defense” and getting ambassadors and soldiers killed due to her incompetence while supplying terrorists with weapons. You know the less awful things in life. Though Trump might have said the n word, since no white adult male has ever said that before in his life.

  • Forebearance

    This is not news. Common everyday ordinary Americans like myself have known this for many years.

  • Yeah, but isn’t this her “private” position? Her public position is love and empathy for everyday Americans.

  • Pete Mangum

    Which she doesn’t give a flip about honoring.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    And that is the best part of the whole thing:) She doesnt need to honor it:)

    It is in effect either way:)

  • Pete Mangum

    What does that mean, “Russia has her eye?”

  • JCMR

    Trump pounded her on that in the debate, referring to her as “she has a lot of hate – really, a lot of hate in her”.

  • Jane Dough

    Taipei, you’ve clearly put a good deal of thought into your conclusions, and I applaud you for that. Unfortunately, while I’m a Trumpette (I’m opposed to Hillary’s Communism as America’s future), I must respectfully disagree with your conclusions.

    Podesta was scribbling a quick email which, since he believed it to be confidential, he didn’t clean up for public consumption; i.e. he left out the words “the phrase” before the words “everyday Americans.” You can see this is the case since he immediately suggests they “use it once,” “it” being the phrase “everyday Americans.”

    Hillary hates us (Basket of Deplorables, Bucket of Losers, Republicans are among her “proudest” enemies) but in this case there’s no smoking gun. However, we may cheerfully agree to disagree.

  • therevolutionwas

    yeah, but there is the 50% Zombie ordinary Americans for whom it just does not register and never will really.

  • Paul W

    Invalid statement. I am Anti-Hillary. But this email clearly is talking about hating the phrase “Everyday Americans” typed on an iPhone. And shows how they want to use it 2 sentences later.

  • Patriot76

    Are you kidding me, they haven’t even mentioned the Wikileaks dumps that have been occurring now daily.

  • Silverado

    More unmistakable proof that she’s morally, ethically and spiritually dead – that’s crooked Hillary (and some of her followers as well) to a “T”…

  • The rest of the message doesn’t make sense unless it is talking about using the phrase.

  • Guest

    No need to vote folks, Soros called and said the election machines were “fixed and ready”, whatever that means.

  • 062014

    I think MSM is claiming that the Russians are putting out “false” emails. MSM also wants you to think these people are the victims, not the American voter.

  • abeyer56

    Yup, but there are countless articles about people’s reactions to Trump’s outbursts that were caught on a hot mic. Or the stupid outfit his wife was wearing. I literally came across 20 articles on the topic of her $1000 dress. Then there were 50 articles about people reacting to what Trump said 11 f-ing years ago. No mention of the email deleting scandals, their contents, rapey husband, threatening women, using her concussion as an excuse for forgetting something, not understanding what “c” means in an email (which we all know is BS by the way, she just didn’t care), her gross treatment of men put in charge of protecting her husband when he was president (I mean everyone who was put on Clinton Presidential detail has a story of her being physically and verbally abusive to them, EVERY SINGLE PERSON), the fact that all of Arkansas was well aware of Clinton’s promiscuity that everyone had to pretty much lock up their women since Bill couldn’t keep it in his pants, or the fact that she’s the first First Lady to ever be indicted ever and is the only one to have been. The list goes on. So what he didn’t pay taxes and abused loopholes, guess who weasels themselves out of paying $15 Billion/yr Apple, guess who else does that, EVERY Corporation in this country. If taxes went to where they were supposed to, then it would be a bigger issue, but they don’t. So it’s a smart business move to avoid that as much as you can. Heck BK went to Canada for that very purpose.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    I think you missed the point. Your Rights are only in effect if you refuse to back down on them. Yes, you may wind up getting shot at or shot period. Not saying it will be or would be easy for you.

    I don’t know why so many people think they are not going to have to fight…to the death…to make sure their Rights aren’t trampled by the state.

    It depends as everything does on how far you want to take it. I am not going to be arrested for anything while these flaves, freaks and Traitors in America walk around free to do as they please.

    1 – most of the people getting arrested for filming cops are idiots and they are not doing it correctly. You stand back, out of the way and you film from there. If you are assualted by a cop you can fight back or you can sue them till they bleed or you and some friends can visit them in the dead of night and perform a No-Knock raid.

    If you want to have your Rights without having to do anything and you want to be able to exercise those Rights without any fear of repercussions…then your Rights are already gone. The time to fight is now.

  • AtlantPeach

    She has stated she will WRITE an Executive Order… and be done with it.

  • AtlantPeach

    Trump is ahead in the NEW RASMUSSEN Trump back in lead… Poll today…..

    This Week Florida….
    Hillary and Gore had 700 attend Miami Event
    Trump on the same night had 25,0000 attend his event…

    But the MANIPULATED POlls say… Hillary is Up 11% in Florida or 20% NO WAY.
    The MINDS of the STUPID are being MANIPULATED DAILY by the DEMOCRAT Media.

    You know, the first thing Hitler did was take control of all NEWs….. Hillary has that in common with Hilter.

  • Pete Mangum

    Yes, that kind of behavior has worked so well for all those who have tried it, right? You don’t seem to understand how a Police State works. Its actions are meant to strike fear into those less willing to engage in street justice. It would be one thing if it were just the cops doing this, but it’s the entire system which is at fault and which covers the cops. How many people are willing to take the chance of getting killed over this? Hardly any is the answer. The only way the majority of people would engage in what you say would be when their lives are so bitter they have nothing to lose. As long as they can comply and be left alone, they will countenance just about any governmental indiscretion.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Actually, I understand exactly how a police state works. I am not so sure though about your reading comprehension.

    Nobody can take anything from you if you are unwilling to give it up. You seem like a lay-down-and-take-it kind of guy so my advice to you is that you do just that.

    Nobody said any of this will or would be easy and nobody said it won’t get messy but someone like you is obviously much more confortable being a coward so let me leave you with some advice from a Founding Father:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
    better than the animating contest of freedom — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    -Samuel Adams

  • Pete Mangum

    I “comprehend” just fine. Don’t try getting sideways with me on this issue because it will end up badly (for you). I’m not arguing what you say in PRINCIPLE is not correct. What I’m telling you is that it will not happen at this time for the reasons I’ve already stated.

    Though you and a handful of people may think all this is possible anytime soon, the reality is that in order for such a revolt to work you must have either ALL, or the GREAT MAJORITY of people behind it. History has shown that only a down-trodden people whose lives are so miserable they have nothing to lose will take to the streets and make demands the way you propose. That’s all I’m saying.

    The other thing about our laws (any laws) is that they are only as good as those who wish to honor them. If we have been shown anything by history – and which is happening in our nation already – it is that if a government chooses to ignore, amend, nullify, or subvert its laws for its own gain, IT WILL DO IT!

    How well has the ‘Whistleblower’ law worked for Edward Snowden, Bradley (Chelsea) Manning? Thomas Drake? Jesselyn Radack? Thomas Tamm? Jeffrey Sterling? John Kiriakou? William Binney?

    How well has our 4th Amendment worked to restrict the NSA for blatantly (and secretly) violating our lawful protections and guarantees restricting the government from doing what it was caught red-handed doing? Who went to prison for that? THE WHISTLEBLOWERS did. NSA Director, James Clapper, LIED under oath about his department illegally gathering the data of millions of Americans not suspected of any crime. Lying under oath is a FELONY. Is James Clapper in prison? Has he been fined, lost his job, reprimanded in ANY fashion? Not only NO, but he continues in his present position.

    How’s all of this for ‘respect of law?’ Hillary Clinton has bragged she’ll do whatever she can to get rid of – or just ignore – the 2nd Amendment once she’s in office. So, what’s to stop her!?

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be the next President. And I will come at you any way I choose. Geez, get a life.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Oh:) You comprehend me just fine do you?

    Please:) You are making me laugh. It will end badly for me?:) You wish:)

    Youare what is wrong with America. At least, you are a great deal with what is wrong with America. You and others like you stand around and scream and have hysterical fits because someone on the “other” side is not playing by the rules. You dance about and bemoan it non-stop and point it all out and even tell us what the eventual outcome will be.

    Then, you turn right around and and not only insist that everyone continue doing what they were doing before, change nothing and let’s hope this time it works out; but you put down the very people who are trying to make it better.

    Go ahead, vote for Hillary or Ted or whoever you are going to vote for, do what you have
    always done. You are a coward.

    Or as one of the Founding Fathers said:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    -Samuel Adams

  • Pete Mangum

    “Oh:) You comprehend me just fine do you?”

    Yeah. I do.

    “It will end badly for me?:) You wish:)”

    My wishes usually come true. It is ending for you badly, as you’re being ridiculous for all to see.

    “Youare what is wrong with America. ”

    Oh really? You mean Hillary is now off the hook and it’s ME – the guy who trashes her mercilessly – who is “what’s wrong with America?” Weren’t we both going after her? This is what I mean by it going badly for you. You have completely lost you was as to what the original discussion was. We agree Hillary is a criminal traitor who needs to be locked away in either a prison, or funny farm. Either will do. And all I have pointed out to you is that your assertions will not work AT THIS TIME because in order for them to work the population needs to be sufficiently downtrodden in order to get mobilized into a ‘Street’ mentality. Anyone with any common sense and/or understanding of how the world works knows this.

    As for our Founders, remember they were living in an OCCUPIED nation under the rule of a FOREIGN military power which could – and did – exact terrible vengeance on unruly subjects.

    “Then, you turn right around and and not only insist that everyone continue doing what they were doing before, change nothing and let’s hope this time it works out; but you put down the very people who are trying to make it better.”

    I’ve done no such thing. That strawman argument ain’t gonna fly with me. What you are advocating at this time and with this government is both unworkable and unsustainable. We are living in a nation which is actively on its way to becoming a full-blown Police State while crazed sociopaths and lunatics plot WWIII with Russia and China. Obama has gone after ‘Whistle-blowers’ using the notorious and outdated ‘Espionage Act’ more than ALL other presidents before him, COMBINED. This government – in league with the Brits – has just pulled the plug on Julian Assange over his new and most damaging Wikileaks disclosures of Hillary Clinton. There is even talk about the US ordering its British vassal to revoke Ecuador’s ‘diplomatic immunity’ status thereby paving the way to storm their embassy and arrest Assange. ALL this is a glaring indictment as to just how fare the ‘Regime’ will go to protect Hillary Clinton’s access to the White House.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it should serve to show you how ruthless and determined the ‘Regime’ is to protect and defend their interests, and that your little ‘movement’ would be squashed like a June Bug before it even got off the ground. This is why I posited that I felt you didn’t really understand the kind of nation we live in today. Just the CLINTONS have left a trail of bodies in their wake, and NOTHING has been done to them, and nothing IS going to be done to them. Look at the impotence of the FBI in its spectacular failure to bring charges against a demonstrably guilty Hillary Clinton. If that doesn’t scare the bugeezus out of you that a powerful federal agency like that can be ORDERED to stand down, then I don’t know what would impress you.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    I rest my case and thank you for showing everyone exactly what I said. I always get a laugh out of you Rinos who scream what I say isn’t true and yet you turn right around and prove me right.

    If you agree with what I am saying that what exactly is your issue? You agree with me on every point and then YOU turn right around and say I am wrong:)

    That is how I know you are a Liberal RINO. You have to say someone is wrong even when you agree with them:)

    You are arguing yourself into a circle.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    We are getting a big laugh out of your flailing about:)

    Can you please enlighten us with what you would have people do?:)

    Please…we could use another good laugh especially after you only prove what we have said over the past couple of years…please…go ahead and entertain us.

    Tell us exactly how bad it is that we haven’t already said and tell us again how you plan to fix it that doesn’t involve sitting down like a good slave?:)

    Go ahead:)

  • Pete Mangum

    “We are getting a big laugh out of your flailing about:)”

    Who’s “we?” I only read YOU.

    “an you please enlighten us with what you would have people do?:)”

    More importantly, I could suggest what people NOT do, and that is attempt anything which will get you arrested/prosecuted, beaten up, or killed. I, personally, attempt to EDUCATE people on what is actually going on in the world around them. Right now, the average American is THE most uninformed voting public of the entire ‘First World’ nations, and that uninformed/ill-informed posture is a main reason why we elect failure, after failure regardless of which ‘Party’ they come from. Until our population becomes more educated and informed about the ACTUAL ISSUE (S) causing the problem, they can riot and spread anarchy to their hearts content and it wouldn’t change anything for the better if those protests were not directed at the actual problem.

    Anything else?

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    So…nothing then. That is all you had to say. You do nothing.

    I will take this as your surrender and thank you for playing. If we need another Liberal we will give you a call.

  • Pete Mangum

    I’m no ‘RINO.’ I’m no anything. I extracted myself from any ‘Party’ affiliation decades ago. Being a member of any political ‘Party’ is for chumps and losers. I don’t let anyone dictate to me how to think, and my ideas are my own.

    My “issue” is simply disagreeing with what you suggest be done at this moment in time. Your brand of protest will not work without the support of the majority of people, and the majority of people don’t even understand the base issues, much less have the acumen to actually take to the streets in defense of them.

    Case in point: If there is a worthy project for an ‘in your face’ protest, it is the breathtakingly lethal rhetoric and actions the US is fomenting against Russia and China; actions which not only have re-ignited a new ‘Cold War,’ but are creating a wold-wide threat of a nuclear engagement which is more imminent now than it was during the 1962 ‘Cuban Missile Crisis.’

    Forgetting for a moment that neither Russia nor China are our “enemies,” and that diplomacy and cooperation between our nation and theirs is not only worthwhile but even favorable for our own nation, the fact that we are allowing the Bush/Cheney-era Neocons to influence both Republican and Democratic parties in regards to foreign policy – and specifically in regards to Russia and China – is spectacularly bizarre (and deadly) given the fact these are the same Neocons who fomented the unnecessary, illicit, and illegal attack/invasion/occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan which was the lynch-pin that gave birth to ALL of the current crisis in the Middle East, including Syria, ISIS, and Yemen.

    However, not even this worthy protest will materialize simply because the majority of Americans have no clue as to what I just described to you. They know nothing of what is really going on regarding our nation, Russia, and China past what they hear and/or read from the always-wrong, regime-toadying US Stenographer Corps posing as ‘Journalists.’ So, at best, you would have a mere handful of people protesting when hundreds of thousands is what it would take. As long as the push-back against government perfidy is underwhelming, the government wins every time.

  • Pete Mangum

    Did I say, or even imply “nothing?” I don’t mind you quoting me, but try and actually get a quote from me before trying to affix a position onto me I do not take.

    That you would attempt to affix “Liberal” and “RINO” to me shows you don’t know what either term means – or what one’s agendas must be to actually qualify for those labels. That my stated positions so far have been about as far away from anything a true ‘Liberal’ and ‘RINO’ would say/support as D.C. is to the Moon somehow escapes your otherwise smug sureness of yourself.

    Are you always this hysterical?

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Why are you still talking Liberal?:) You SURRENDERED. Of course you are part of neither party now because you have seen the light and yet you still use the same old arguments and whining that Liberals have always used.

    You SURRENDERED. You LOST. Go home. We are done.

    Never time, don’t be such a coward.

  • Pete Mangum

    “You SURRENDERED.” Liberal!

    Because you say so?