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Why Paul Ryan’s gambit on Trump is backfiring

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When House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow House Republicans that he would no longer campaign with or defend GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, he may have felt it was the obvious, principled position to take.

Speaker Ryan is a straight-shooting family man and devout Roman Catholic, and after the release of a lewd 2005 video showing Mr. Trump bragging about sexually aggressive treatment of women, Ryan said he was “disgusted.”

Ryan’s goal in distancing himself from Trump, he told House GOP lawmakers on a conference call Monday, was to focus on saving the GOP majority in the House, potentially imperiled by Trump’s decline in polls. But Ryan’s new posture may already have backfired. Some fellow GOP House members are furious. And national party chairman Reince Priebus pointedly has not abandoned Trump, pledging to keep spending party money on the nominee’s campaign. – READ MORE

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  • Joyce Ann Thompson

    Paul Ryan will rue the day when it all backfires on him…He is wrong to not stand with the millions of Republican voters (and Democratic voters) who are praying that Trump wins this election and we don’t have to deal with the corrupt Clintons any more…but Ryan has pooped in his Wheaties…we the people have a very long memory and we will not forget that his stance against Trump caused the fall of America….If the Republican party survives this debacle of the establishment elites in both parties standing against the candidate we have chosen, They will not have a future in Congress, America, or politics ever again…We can rise up and show them that we are their bosses, not the other way around.

  • Alti

    At best, Ryan is a short-sighted egomaniac. He thought he could easily fool people that his Trump stance was principled (vs. what it really was: self-interested). Ryan bet wrong. It’s shocking he even made this bet given that Ted Cruz just made s similar catastrophic miscalculation. If Trump doesn’t win, Ryan will have no future with the GOP. If Trump wins, Ryan’s future will depend on how much he did to ensure trump’s win. No one wants a traitor around.